Upcoming ICOs in Artificial Intelligence

A number of ICOs are scheduled this year by a number of startups in various industries, from health care, business automation, robotics, finance and research. We cover some details about these projects below.


AICoSoft is creating an artificial intelligence for medical researches. It is innovative because traditional methods of medical research take a lot of time since there is a lot of data to be analyzed. They are looking at a machine that is able to collect all that information and speed up the process. They will work with universities, independent medical researchers, foundations and doctors in generating this data on the blockchain. AI can therefore help do the research much easily.

Also, not all useful traditional researches in the area of medical research are being used for medical purposes as they should. How helpful would it be to being all this data and information together on the blockchain?

Their ICO for AIOM token starts on February 15. They hope to release an AI-Software and the app in June 2018.


Skychain is more of an AI medical marketplace. It will bring together medical big data owners, developers of medical neural networks, doctors and patients and crypto miners in a blockchain environment that facilitates treatment of diseases, illnesses and conditions by leveraging neural networks and data accuracy. These networks are built by distributed and independent labs and research centers and will have all types of information and data that doctors can use to treat patients and pay developers a fee.

Developers of the neural networks can also train these networks for a fee on many datasets. Medical data providers can provide their datasets for a fee to allow the neural network training.

Crypto miners will provide their computer resources for neural network training and calculation. The company has already developed proof-of-deep-learning-training and proof-of-inference algorithms.

Patients can expect more accurate treatment due to application of neural networks. This will improve a situation where 1 in 10 medical diagnosis are wrong. These errors cause loses of more than $100 billion.

The company recently held a pre-ICO and the ICO will take place from February 26 to March 31 this year at a cost of $1 per token. You can also get a 50 percent bonus on the ICO sale if you sign up now.

GraphGrail Ai

GraphGrail Ai is what you would need if you are able to create linguistic applications and want to sell them and make money. It can be used to create Natural Language Processing applications which help machines read” text by simulating the human ability to understand language. It can also be used to create neural networks using Google Tensorflow and other tools.

They hope to solve the problem of lack of enough datasets in data-science and text mining. For instance, they say there is not enough datasets with seven figure sample sizes (from thousand to million samples) to teach neural networks in banking, telecom, media and government agencies and other industries.

They say using machine learning to gather, clean and make training and test sets is very difficulty and takes a lot of time (5 and 10 months).

The company raised $200,000 in 15 hours in an pre-ICO and will host the ICO for TGE tokens on February 19.


Magnus is currently holding a pre-ICO now since February 5th. The main ICO starts February 15th this month and they are offering bonueses of up to 60 percent. It is a robotics and AI automation and marketplace for organizations. It will bring together Robotics, AI, IOT, Humans and cloud systems. It will bring together intelligent A.I. agents, robots, sensors, hardware and humans, to create the global marketplace.

The company has already acquired $4 billion from Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, SoundHound, and Zoosk according to their website. They also partner with ohnson & Johnson, Zimmer Biomet, AARP, Nokia, Siemens, Ascension, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Servier.

The MGS tokens can be used to lease robotic platforms and buying and deploying skills. Users can also use the tokens to stake and earn part of transaction fees from the collective.

Farma Trust

Farma Trust provides a global tracking system that ensures counterfeit drugs do not enter the medical chain. However, it does provide additional value added services to the phamaceutical industry to allow for efficicency and to better the marketplace.

They detail in a medium post that the global counterfeit drug market is valued at over $200 billion annually. 30 percent of all medicines are said to be fake. They also cause about a million deaths per year. This is the problem they will be tackling by bringing together pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators, warehouses, manufacturers, logistic and shipping companies and hospitals, as well as the public on the blockchain.

For instance, they will use blockchain and AI to improve reporting and eliminate the supply chain of fake drugs. Users will use an app and a token.

They will be extending their pre-TDE from 15 February 2018 12:00 a 20% discount on the original token price (of 0.00010870 ETH per token). The ICO will be sold on 15 March 2018 12:00pm (noon) UTC.

The company also accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple and Zcash tokens for buying of tokens.


CREDITS is a separate blockchain targeting to use smart contracts and a public data registry to facilitate for financial and loan services, trade, medicine, identification, exchanges, Internet of Things (IoT), and many other applications.

For instance, financial institutions can use it to connect to markets and IoT devices and data. Credit robots can issue loans with most optimal terms regardless of where the customer is located.

It will also provide a software development kit that developers and users can utilize in the process.

The pre-ICO was held on December 2017 (and raised 3,002,165 USD worth of ETH from 700 contributors) while the ICO starts this February 15 to 28 with a soft cap of $15 million. It goes beta this march and the platform would be released in June.

AS Aida service

AS Aida is a global p2p service that is holding its pre-ICO until 28th of this month and then start the ICO that will end on 25th May this year.

They have already raised more than $370,000.

The platform will include a construction materials and supplies marketplace that brings together customers, producers, logisticians, warehouses and network partners for automated sale of goods and services without middlemen networks.

According to their whitepaper, the platform will help in the management of orders.


Koios is a decentralized AI and Machine Learning blockchain marketplace that hopes to bring related technologies to even smaller companies. They hope to bring together data scientists and AI developer communities to construct and maintain multiple libraries. They can then offer them in the marketplace.

It will leverage Tensorflow and Kubernetes as the core technologies. Creators will also be compensated for their work.

Their private token sale will start on 15 February 2018 with 7,500 KOI being sold for 1 ETH. It will run until February 28. ICO start date will start from March 1 to 7th May.


Viola, the Asia's first and largest dating company is also coming to blockchain. It will be the first AI-driven marketplace for dating, courtship and marriage.

It says lack of verification leads to scamming issues on dating sites while fake profiles are used to lure customers on dating sites. Other problems include unsuccessful matches, increased relationship woes, and confusion on the many sources for advice, as well as stigma and privacy concerns on these websites.

The platform will have real-ID verification, an AI wallet and escrow system. There will also be a recommendation advisory engine.

It will host the ICO on 14 March.


OTPay will host its pre-ICO on March 5 and the ICO stage 1 on April 4 and stage 2 on May 4.

It will be a platform to facilitate buy and sell cryptocurrencies or digital assets based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engine analytics.

You can sync your bank account, debit and credit card to facilitate exchanging of crypto with fiats in just a click. It will also link traditional banking with a debit card. It uses eKYC verification process. Customers can also use automatic buy and sell option to save time and money. It will also have mobile apps.

Customers will also be able to send and exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform. It will use an AI & ML powered exchange request matching engine to facilitate faster exchange and swaps.

OTPpay will include AI and Machine Learning powered request matching engine.