More Upcoming Travel Industry ICOs

We already wrote about several projects that are leveraging blockchain in the travel and tourism industry. We have more in this list, although we do emphasize the need for anyone willing to engage in the project to do their own research on the worthiness of the project before moving forward.

1. Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin promotes itself as optimized for the Millennial and Gen Z traveler with its decentralized services. Local experts will use the system to advertise and provide customized travel services at an affordable cost and at a lower transaction fees. Travelers can use the system to save travel costs and seek pleasure from more experiences. Travelers will be able to reach out to local providers for personalized city guidance.

This is in addition to securing information on the blockchain. They will use CUZ tokens for payment.
The company launched in 2016 and is used by more than 500,000 travelers around the world.

ICO will be held in March

2. Tripbit

Tripbit is hoping to use its TBT currency to eliminate problems of extortionate foreign exchange rates, transaction delays, double marginalization, and double bookings in the travel industry. Users can also avoid wasting too much time navigating through websites to try and find best deals for flights, hotels and events.

However, it will also have payment in fiat and other cryptocurrencies as well.

It will bring together flights, hotels and events operators.

Ico runs this year though no dates have been announced yet.

3. CryptoBnB

CryptoBnB is a vacation rental platform based on the blockchain.It targets at improving short term rental experiences. Users will leverage smart machine learning user’s wallets to enhance search results and improve property turn around.

In other words, it will be possible to match customer needs and requests for and with reputable hosts and travelers. This is while removing high middleman costs.

Hosts will be able to get payments through CryptoDNA wallet as well as track the record of paying by customers in previous rents. There will be property reviews.

ICO starts next month and they hope to put BnB in the exchange after one or two months following the ICO.

4. Emphy

Emphy is a decentralized lodging ecosystem with smart contracts to automate rental deals and undertakings. It provides customers with safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations.

The platform will offer a marketplace where rentals can be acquired at a reasonable price.

Registration will ease booking.

The platform will use EmphyCoin as a unit of account between sellers and buyers. It will use a peer-to-peer network to eliminate middleman and reduce process and service fees.

ICO will be held starting October 17.

5. GlobeTrotter

GlobeTrotter is hoping to combine the best of Ethereum Blockchain and the IOTA Tangle on their blockchain. It will use Globie and GTG wallets that have “Smarter Contract” to allow users to define conditions when using coins.

Creating smart contracts will be easy since the user will need to check desired choices from a list. One wallet will be their transaction center (internal) and the other for customer's personal use (external). The coins will be GTT and the company will use the GlobeTrotter Transaction Center to rent out Globies and GTGs for fiat currencies or for GTT's.

There will be GlobeTrotter Debit Card that will be used same as and where Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

Airports and more places will have GlobeTrotter ATM's People will also use Globie coins to purchase travel and vacations.

Currently they are in their pre-sale period and have sold 69790 GTT tokens. The ICO will still be in this first quarter of 2018 though dates aren't clear.

6. A2B

A2B is a revolutionary taxi platform that will bring taxi operators and customers across 46 European cities on the blockchain. The pre-sale is scheduled on March 1st – 3rd while the ICO is scheduled for March 7th – April 7th. It will be in stages. the platform will have KYC or AML Validation.

It works more like Uber: customers can find licensed drivers on the platform using mobile application. However, they will be able to pay with tokens.

They say it will take 9 months to create and test this platform.

Those who buy tokens during the pre-ICO and ICO will also receive bonus of free kilometers every quarter where they can travel for free in any city where the services are available.

Other projects

Aditus markets itself as the world's first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents. It debuted after an official partnership with Rendezvous on 4th to 7th January this year.

The company held its ICO in December and raised USD$7.1 million.

It then demoed its alpha version of the Aditus app and platform at Phuket Rendezvous. The event showcased over 100 luxury merchants including yacht brokers, high-end property developers, bespoke travel organizers and hotels.

It attracted more than 6,000 visitors from all over South East Asia and Europe

The Aditus token will be used to purchase merchant offers (including travel experiences, rentals, vacations and concierge services) and reward user engagement. The platform will also allow payment in other cryptocurrencies.

The tokens are now available for sale on Coinbene exchange.

Bali Coin

Bali Coin is built for a variety of industries in travel and tourism including flight ticket booking and buying, hotels booking, accommodation, car rental or other tourism facility.

It is based on Ethereum blockchain and will have smart contracts. It will use blockchain mobile app for android and iOS.

The company held its ICO from 1st Dec – 30th Dec 2017 and raised money from 4200+ participants. It is hoping to integrate Bali coin as a payment method on the Travel Kita website and Deal application. They are also hoping to enter into partnership with major online booking sites such as,, as well as banks and card payment using e-money.

The coin will list on crypto exchanges and Coin Market Cap.


TravelFlex is a decentralized social travel network and payment system for not just . It claims a 1 block per second although it will use Proof-of-Work (POW) coin that can be mined.

In addition to mining, there will be mobile wallet and social features such as a friend list and chat and social media.

ICO was held until January 12 is finished (sold 95 million TRF of the targeted 100 million TRF tokens) and they are processing orders as at the time of this writing.


Briskpass is targeted at transportation sector. It is a transportation access pass with a Brisk Wallet and Briskcoin for payment of services and or transfer of funds.

It is targeted at eliminating shortcomings of commuting industry where commuters can pay for transportation on buses, taxis, and trains with one cryptocurrency. It will also facilitate cost-effective travel and will be cross-border thus eliminate the problem of exchange rates and those many other challenges associated with use of local currencies.

The ICO is already concluded and the company is hoping to launch the Brisk Pass app on major stores soon.

They sold 70 billion of the targeted 100 billion tokens.