Upcoming ICOs in Travel and Tourism

The following upcoming or on-going ICO projects are seek to use blockchain in different innovative ways in the area of travel and tourism, from facilitating bookings to connecting travelers and local people and local experiences.

Winding Tree

Winding Tree is a blockchain-based decentralized open-source travel distribution platform whose ICO will start in February 1 this year and end on February 15. It targets at making travel cheaper for end-user and more profitable for suppliers.

It will use Lif tokens (collaborating with Lufthansa). It will have smart contracts and an open-source wallet and Block Explorer.

After ICO, it will integrate with hotel providers in the first Quarter of this year. This will facilitate data exchange among hotels. It will also integrate airlines to facilitate data exchange and have a LífToken Wallet for airlines in the second quarter of the year.

It will implement the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a governance platform in the fourth quarter this year.

It will be possible to do decentralized Líf exchange in the first quarter of 2019 and smart contracts for tours and activities, car rentals and other transport will be integrated in the second quarter of 2019.


eWaiter is a global centralized service on blockchain hopes to automate customer service in restaurants and improve its quality.

It will employ the WTR coin, providing an opportunity for people to invest in creating an multipurpose application in the restaurant industry. It will entail Waiter call system, Electronic menu, Customer feedback service, Great marketing tool, Procurement and Accounting all at an affordable cost.

In particular, it targets at automating workflow at minimal costs.

The token sale started on 26 Dec 2017 and will end on March 1. 1 WTR coin goes for only $0.05. It has already raised $213 235.62 by selling over 4 million coins.


MeetnGreetMe ICO has already ended. The company connects international travelers and local people so that travelers can find personal concierge services and lifestyle management. In other words, tourists can meet and hire locals as personal assistants during travel.

The service is already established but seeks to come to blockchain. With the current system, a customer logs in the system where they are planning to travel and then chooses the services they need during the trip. The traveler then hires a MeetnGreeter or provider and discusses details. They can get support in business, entertainment and social issues as well.

The company hopes to use blockchain to introduce WelcomeCoins that can be used to incentivize contributors and reward their activity as the platform grows. The token will be used for payment to eliminate middlement and money transfer systems, effectively making experiences cheaper.

Blockchain will facilitate the company to operate a global peer-to-peer business to crowdsource platform curation.

The p2p payment system and decentralized curation will be integrated in third quarter of 2018. It will expand in new cities, add new partners, and integrate smart contracts in the fourth quarter of 2018.


Singaporean-based EBCoin wants to use blockchain to eliminate the hassle and high fees associated with tax refunds for international travelers and merchants.

The company will use EBCoin Wallet app for instant refunds in EBC tokens. Recipients will therefore not need to wait in long lines at the airport or needing to hold on to paper receipts.

Users can then redeem the EBCoin for additional duty-free purchases or exchange with fiat on ATMs in all major airports.

Their first ICO started 16 January 2018 and runs until end month, while second ICO starts on February 1 to February 13.

It has already raised 6,751.01 ETH by selling 208,039,783 EBC. 1 ETH = 24,150 EBC.

They signed a MOU to collaborate with with mPos (mpos.vn), a subsidiary of the Vietnamese payment service provider NextTech in December last year.


TravelChain is seeking to provide accessible and authentic smart-data to let business know their clients better. Travel market players will access global data.

Users will be rewarded with tokens for sharing data concerning tourist preferences. It will employ smart algorithms and services to predict desires of travelers. Hotels, whether large, small or medium, will be able to make personal offer to each tourist.

The ICO started on 10 Dec 2017 and ends February 15. The cryptocurrency will hit Bitshares exchange on February 15.

Businesses will save on advertising, and use data and AI insights to advertise and get clients.


Trustabit will hold an ICO from February 5 to February 12. It is a blockchain solution targeted for airlines, which will use smart contracts to automatically issue passengers with flight vouchers to passengers when their flights are cancelled or delayed.

It will use TABs currency to act as online gift card or voucher that can be traded and exchanged.

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP)

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) targets at providing users with all travel-related services in a single app. It will use APIs to connect to existing businesses and provide travel businesses exposure to customers (local tour guides, tour companies, hotels and all tourism-driven businesses). On the other end, customers can enjoy the best deals at a fraction of cost.

It will have digital and crypto payments.

ICO runs from Jan 25 to Feb 13th.

Further Network

Further Network hopes to use blockchain to solve Settlement and Payment problems in Travel Industry. Features include Customizable & Transferable Airline Ticket, Hotel Reservations and also second hand market for all type of tickets.

Users can use digital currency to settle and pay providers in real time inside a new Peer-to-Peer Airline and Travel Network.

The Smart Travel Record (STR) smart token will hold travel asset data (airline ticket, hotel reservations...etc) and can be used to pay for hotel reservations. It can be exchanged and its ownership can change. It will also facilitate peer-to-peer transfer.

The ICO starts 02 Apr 2018.

Piligrim XXI

Piligrim XXI wants to use virtual reality and augmented reality to better the travel and tourism industry on an international scene. Tourists can immerse themselves in outdoor AR parks offering tourists an amazing experiences and flash back on tourist experiences.

It opened the first World’s first outdoor AR park - "Ludza Castle" in 2014 and has 8 AR outdoor parks in 6 countries -- Spain, Israel, U.K. and Russia.

World Tourism

World Tourism already has a community of people including digital mining, tourism, legal and decentralized pundits. It is a crew of 30 people and 350 tour agencies worldwide.

These collaborate in tourism and cryptocurrency ecosystem and community.

It hopes to facilitate buying and selling of Tourcoins and allow mining of the coins using CPU/GPU/ASIC as well as through cloud mining and staking through POS.


Machtcoin is a cryptocurrency built to bring together sporting, travel & tourism sectors, and trading in one platform.

The platform will have sport books for many sports and betting games fantasy; local travel services all over the world; and both traditional and binary trading.

It will also have a lending program. Promoters can also get coins for free.

First ICO session which started on 15 January 2018 is over, but there is a second one that ends February.

Other interesting projects in the travel field

Other concluded ICOs include Aeron, an aviation safety system based on blockchain that lets aviation authorities use data from various sources to detect problems and solve them immediately. It raised $5,688,853 in a Sep-October ICO.

Others are Estonia-based Emphy, whose ICO was held on October-November and is already on sale in exchanges. The lodging ecosystem helps users to rent properties for vacations and facilitates better travel experiences, discovering new destinations, meeting new people.


TripAlly also held its ICO on October-November last year and the token is already in sale in exchanges.

The prepaid service helps travelers to connect to mobile data at an affordable price without changing sim-cards or purchasing pocket wi-fi. It eliminates roaming charges for mobile data. It also facilitates currency exchange, transportation, and tickets to local attractions.

Pally connects travelers with locals through an iOS app and Pally Adventures marketplace, to create authentic travel experiences. The project just raised 2063.84 ETH in a October-November ICO.

Lotus is a travel booking platform as well as provider of tour packages, cruises, vehicle rentals, and other travel and tour activities. Its ICO ended on 24th Jan 2018.