Upcoming ICOs in Video and VR Gaming

Not just video gaming and the common and usual fields for blockchain application we know! Virtual reality and augmented reality is on the blockchain too, with numerous upcoming projects and ICOs.

Below are just some of the upcoming or ongoing ICO projects in these three fields.


Gameflip is a decentralized ecosystem bringing together all gaming assets for all mobile, PC, console and VR/AR gaming platforms.

Sellers and buy will transact using FLIP, an ERC-20 digital currency whose whose token sale started December 4 and has concluded after reaching cap before end date. 


IQeon is a decentralized gaming platform based on Ethereum and which will integrate games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users. It will bring together players and third party developers.

It will use IQeon token. Toekens earned in one game can be used in another and can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges with bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. IQeon tokens can also be exchanged for fiat.


Cappasity is a blockchain based ecosystem that will allow developers and users to create their own 3D and VR and AR content for sale, rent or usage in promoting their products. 

The Cappasity utility token (CAPP) can be used to pay for the content and be exchanged for other currencies. It will also act as a trustless copyright storage.

Token sale Phase 2 starts 22 Mar 2018 and ends 19 Apr 2018.

Bountie Coins

Bounties, an upcoming video gaming platform based on blockchain, will use Bountie Coins which players can use to buy into matches and tournaments but also to purchase merchandise, hardware and games. Participants can claim stakes when they win matches. Players also earn coins when they top the charts on leader boards.

Players can play solo or in groups and the system can match players with others.

The coins will be bought on the gaming platform or can be acquired through match and tournament winnings or ranking on leader board. There will also be referral rewards, quest competitions and promotion and marketing giveaways.

Pre-ICO takes place on February 26 and ICO on March.

The Abyss

Abyss is a digital distribution platform that will let players earn in ABYSS tokens from in-game activities and payments by other gamers while developers can earn from referral games and marketing efforts.

It will have all games but with a focus on Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority.

Token sale started 9 Jan 2018 and will close 15 Feb 2018. 


ViTokens is a is a token to be used at the ViMarket, which will offer a platform for developers and marketers to develop and sell 3D content such as virtual home walkthroughs and fashion content, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial and machine learning content.  

The platform will offer retail and market data insights by transforming the traditional 2D retail browsing experience into immersive VR. It will use VIMI browser extension to track retail browsing activity and data to maximize engagement and exposure.

The Pre-ICO started Pre-sale started November 27, 2017 and ended on January 7, 2018. ICO will start Feb 14 and end on Mar 19.


IZX is an open blockchain platform for game developers, advertisers and players, and which will also use virtual and augmented reality. 

Already with 29,718 active players, players will receive bonuses by watching content on virtual reality experiences created by advertisers and marketers, so it works like a content promotion platform for those who need to promote their products on the platform.

The issued IZX Drive can be mined, bought and exchanged on crypto exchanges (starting June 2018) as well as used to buy assets.

Pre-sale started on December and they have sold 93,058 tokens so far at the pre-sale price. It runs for more 21 days. 


Mark.Space is a blockchain-based platform for creating and launching 3D, VR and AR spaces and objects. It will be possible to create the units with little or no knowledge in 3D or VR or AR coding. The platform will support internet browsers and virtual reality headsets, making it possible to play content on the browser without any installations.

Created units will be up for sale and rent as the owner desires. The ecosystem will use MARK token (MRK) and with it, users can buy the VR units, make payments and buy ads to promote business. It uses the Proof of Work concept. 

GPU-miners will receive rewards in MRK for supporting the network. 

The ICO starts January 28 until 28 February.