Five Good Cryptos to Buy Right Now

There are hundreds of crypto currencies out there and you need to do some work identifying the best ones for your own investment. Many do not survive the competition because ideas behind them are certainly not so good and run out of fuel quickly. There are over 400 ‘dead’ altcoins so far out there according to a 2015 report and many are certainly walking dead. You will need to look at crypto that have good technology, unique purpose and which are not at their all-time high. Why do we like these? For three reasons:
    • 1.
Each of these is not at an all-time high.
    • They are down from their peak. So, as cryptos are moving up as an investment class, we think most of them will rise over time. We don't consider "pump and dump" peaks in this. The peaks we're looking for are more broad. It's a bit nerve-wracking to buy anything at an all time high, so you can sleep easier knowing you're not doing that with any of these on the list.
2. Every coin listed here has a purpose. Some may argue that the world only really needs two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin as a currency and Ethereum for contracts. However many coins have found very strong niches. All these shown below have a reason to exist and aren't just another bitcoin with a different name that's likely to fade away. 3. All of these on the list are strong cryptocurrencies in the top of the alt-coin list. They're not sh*t-coins no one has heard of. They market cap of each is big enough that they're fairly difficult to manipulate. Apparently I'm supposed to tell you that this is not investment advice blah blah blah. I live in Costa Rica, go ahead and try to sue me if you buy one of these and then want to blame it on me if it doesn't go up in your desired timeframe; let's see how far you go with that here. Costa Rica's judges will most likely throw that sh*t out of court and if not you'll be tied up 10 years and then lose and pay my legal fees. There are still some places where personal responsibility is important. So do your own research and make your own decisions. Obvious disclosure: I have invested in some/most of these. Ok so on to the cryptos.

Recommended Cryptocurrency BUY list, August 18 2017


Monero came up in April 2014 under a different name -- BitMonero -- and was the first fork of the first fork of CryptoNote-based currency Bytecoin. The code is based on CryptoNote protocol and has significant algorithmic differences with Bitcoin and its derivatives. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD. However, you can also use a web account manager such as MyMonero. Last year, it grew by 2,760 percent, becoming the best performing cryptocurrency of 2016. It currently has a market cap of $729,528,000. Being an open-source secure, private, untraceable currency, it uses Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell's algorithm Ring Confidential Transactions. It has been a great choice for many who need privacy because the amount of transaction is not displayed to someone who has not taken part in the transaction, although one can still send a transaction without that feature until September 2017 when the next hard fork takes place. Monero has one of the best privacy features and is popular with criminals. It's also one of the only coins that uses the Open Id protocol for associating an address with a name.


Stratis came up in July 2016 and raised a total of $675,000 in ICO offering. It issued 98 million STRAT tokens after the ICO. The price has risen from the original $0.023 to --- and had infact rose by 49 percent in only 10 months. It has a market cap of $600,694,000. Today, it has been implemented by Poloniex, Jaxx, and Ledger hardware wallets and other major cryptocurrencies exchanges and wallets. Stratis seeks to make blockchain development, testing, and deployment of applications easier for everyone. It makes it easy for people to build blockchain apps using native C# and .NET. It also adds in additional privacy through the Breeze Wallet, both for STRAT and BTC transactions. Technology-wise, it is a clone of Bitcoin code with a few enhanced features and it is built in C# language instead of C++. The inflation is kept to minimum because one new token is issued per block, which is generated in 60 seconds on the network.


Steemit is a social network service that has, in addition to a blockchain database Steem, a blogging and sopcial network website. Users can obtain STEEM and Steem Dollars by discovering, posting and commenting on interesting content, and then trade them. Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, creator of BitShares launched the Steemit project in 2016, but Larimer has since resigned to work on EOS. It has a market cap of $281,663,000. Steemit is creating native Steemit apps for use on mobile iOS and Android. Although it is a blogging and social news network like Reddit, Steemit text content is saved in a blockchain. You can upload and host images on Steemit, embed other multimedia content, and use a WYSIWYG editor or Markdown formatting with HTML elements. You can post these and have people with user accounts upvote and comment on your posts and you receive cryptocurrency token STEEM and US dollar-pegged tokens called Steem Dollars. You can also be rewarded by voting comments and post submissions. The accounts are created when you deposit STEEM in the form of STEEM power and you can withdraw earned STEEM or earn interest on held Steam Dollars. You can trade Steam Dollars on cryptocurrency exchanges, and use it for payments for goods and services. Many people invest in it because social sharing of content is still in high demand and you get paid for your articles. Most serious crypto fans have a Steemit account and along with Medium, have become one of the most popular places to post info about all things crypto.


Waves launched on April 12, 2016, raising $16,436,095 in ICO crowdfunding. It currently has a market cap of $481,390,000. WAVES allows people to launch their own cryptocurrencies by making custom tokens and integrated fiat currency gateways such as USD/EUR/CNY in the wallet allows people to decentralize trading and crowdfunding. It allows people to launch their ICOs without doing the intensive cryptocurrency coding. You get to easily decide the name of the token, how many to be issued and the number of decimal fractions to keep. You can also buy WAVES using BTC/ETC/altcoin. The team behind WAVES includes Sasha Ivanov -- the CEO and Founder -- who launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange In addition to impacting fiat currency transfers and crowd funding markets on the blockchain, it allows easier writing of smart contracts than it is in Ethereum.


LISK emerged in May 2016, raising US$9.76 million in ICO, the fourth highest ever for any cryptocurrency. The crypto currently has a market cap of $247,723,000. It lists as the first modular cryptocurrency that uses sidechains, to mean its design and construction is based on modules. Its trump card allows just anyone to build a decentralized app. Developers can use the technology to easily build (using Javascript) standalone and decentralized applications (dapps) around consumer applications, including games, social networks and the Internet of Things, and the core functionality can be used to develop and scale business applications. Sidechains Sidechains, which are additions to the main blockchain, allows putting of high-volume transaction without clogging or interfering with the main blockchain. Remember, one problem with blockchain is that a high volume of transaction can actually bloat and slow down the network so LISK solves the problem. What about management? Former ex-CEO of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson joined LISK last year.